Preventing high-temperature seizing


Realizing prevention of high temperature oxidation at 450°C


TAKECOAT® -CERAMIC1 is a product featuring heat resistance and long-term durability obtained by combination of the under-treatment technology and the original ceramic film coating technology. The inorganic heat resistant resin coat film is as thin as 20 to 30.um and is high in lubricity as well. When used in fasteners, its fitting is smooth, the tightening is excellent and the processability is superior. It has been be favorably used in heat resisting parts demanding prevention of high temperature oxidation for a long term, such as bolts, nuts, washers and metal members used in heat exchangers and industrial plants.


Features of TAKECOAT® -CERAMIC101
ねじアイコンHigh heat resistance No deterioration occurs in long term continuous use at maximum temperature of 450'C (in atmosphere) on low alloy steel. The film continues to maintain stable and sound after heating. So, TAKECOAT® -CERAMIC1 protect seizing of nuts and bolts.
ねじアイコンCold and heat resistance (thermal shock test)

Films do not peel off by thermal shock test (100 cycles) of heating to 450'C and cooling in water.

ねじアイコンStable fastening In spite of ceramic coating, it is excellent in lubricity, low in torque and uniform making fastening of bolts is easier.

Please see our catalog (PDF) for performance details.

Treating process

Treating process

By the manufacturing method of Takenaka's original treatment technology, a thin and uniform film is formed.

Treating process Treating process

There is no danger of hydrogen embrittlement because there is no pickling process.

Applications of TAKECOAT® -CERAMIC1

Applications of TAKECOAT® -CERAMIC1
ねじアイコンCoatable materials General metal products (ex. Carbon steel, Nickel, chromium, molybdenum-containing alloy steel, stainless steel, copper alloy, aluminium alloy)Please note that our coating processes subject materials to heating of approximately 200℃, so, we cannot provide services for materials whose physical properties change in that temperature range.
ねじアイコンsize nominal diameterr :10mm or morestandard maximum dimensions:W500×L600×H100standard maximum weight:30kgsize other than the above size, please cotact to us.


ねじアイコンApplicable parts Heat exchanger piping fastening parts, incinerator parts, flue gas desulfurization plant, boiler parts, engine parts, other heat resistant and anti-corrosive parts. After 3 years of use
Other surface treatment

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When using (installing) parts treated with TAKECOAT® - CERAMIC1, the film surface may be scratched by accident. In such a case, it can be repaired by (TOUCH-UP PAINT), or to prevent damage, a (special socket for fastening wrench) is available.