Corporate Information

Corporate Information

Message from the President

「We are challenging best Monozukuri (excellent product creation) that meets expectations.」

Message from the President

Takenaka Seisakusho was established in 1935 in Osaka city as a manufacturer of screws for ships. Through numerous transitions over the years, Takenaka has emerged to be a specialist manufacturer of differentiated products that can meet high-level Monozukuri (excellent product creation) and quality assurances, including unique products such as TAKECOAT® 1000. We established our Electronic Equipment Division in 1989 to broaden operations centering on the field of power electronic technologies, adding another pillar to the company’s current business structure. We cherish our pioneering spirit, a spirit that gives form to things that haven’t existed before, a spirit that drives the whole Takenaka team, managers and employees together as a unit, to provide Monozukuri that meets the expectations of customers as well as society, in any age.


Representative Director and President Saeko Takenaka


「Business Creed」

We devote ourselves heart and soul to living the spirit of service and close cooperation, under the principles of honesty, sincerity, and fidelity.

「Corporate Vision」

We energetically create and maintain workplaces that bring out the “can do” in our employees, enabling work that heightens customer satisfaction.

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